Elepreneurs Opportunity Video

Elepreneurs Opportunity Video

The Elepreneurs Opportunity Video below is a recording of a Zoom meeting. You will learn about some of the products and hear from some people that are using the products. Their stories are remarkable and very real.  You will also see and hear the lucrative and generous compensation plan explained.

We had found some great success in the network marketing industry thanks to some people who taught us the skills and mindset necessary. We thought we’d always just stay with our present company.

Then through the training company I work with, Entrepreneurs International, we were asked to come and help with the first Elepreneurs Convention in March of 2018. The experience that weekend of meeting the key people involved with Elepreneurs got our attention.

We then tried the products, Elevate Coffee and Xanthomax. We felt the impact within 15 minutes. More energy, focus and clarity. As well as what can be described as an elevated mood. Believe or not, these products make you more productive and just plain happier.

Then we learned more about the mission of the company, to “Elevate Entrepreneurs to Health, Wealth and Happiness”. Who doesn’t want those things? In addition, through the direction of Founder, Robert Oblon, Elepreneurs wants to have a strict code of ethics to promote honesty, integrity and simply “doing the right thing”. This code pertains to the company and also the Elepreneur distributors.

Finally we learned that Elepreneurs and it’s sister company, Elevacity are owned by Shared Services, Inc. Shared Services is a publicly traded company (SHRV). Because of it’s status as a publicly traded company, Shared Services must maintain a transparency of it’s operations unlike any other company in the direct sales or network marketing industry. But maybe the best part is that shares of the stock can be earned by Elepreneur distributors giving all a further incentive to build it big, build it strong and always “do the right thing”.

To learn more visit the Elepreneurs page on our website or give us a call at 727-239-4641 or email tenacityandheart@gmail.com.

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