Elepreneurs Opportunity

Elepreneurs Opportunity

Since 2012 we have worked hard to build a significant home-based business in the financial services industry. We did that through a direct selling company which provided the services. All we had to do was find the customers. We also had the ability to build a team of other independent Agents and earned income from their production. We’ve done extremely well in that business. However, recently we were introduced to the Elepreneurs Opportunity.

Successful people have multiple streams of income so we were open to another business opportunity. But it had to be a great fit. Working in our other business gave us the ability to realize the attributes we were looking for in anything else we might do. The Elepreneurs Opportunity exceeded our expectations.

So what is important in a home-based business opportunity? Many would think of the products first. But Elepreneurs International actually puts people first. Founder Robert Oblon believes that if the distributors are happy and well trained they will be motivated and have the confidence in themselves to build something bigger than even they thought possible.

The Elepreneurs Opportunity is built around the concept of “happiness”. Doesn’t everyone want to be happy? Of course they do. But as the keynote speaker at the Happiness Convention in Dallas in March, 2018, Shawn Achor says, we have the pursuit of happiness all wrong. Working hard at a job or business for 40 years to accumulate possessions doesn’t make people happy. Achor has done research that concludes that if people are happy first, they can achieve true success in all areas of their life.

So how do we get happy now? That’s where the Elepreneurs Opportunity really shines. First, it’s the people. Robert Oblon is on a mission to change the direct selling industry. Elepreneurs is a company of entrepreneurs elevating other entrepreneurs. He is building a company of integrity. He has started Elepreneurs with some of the nicest, welcoming, and knowledgeable people in the industry. I was blown away in Dallas at the quality and openness of the people. Elepreneurs may be on the way to setting records for the fastest growing company ever in the direct selling industry.

Next is the products. Kevin Thomas of Alternative Labs in Naples, FL has developed some of the most unique and life enhancing products ever to be sold in the direct selling industry. These products have been developed as a delivery system for ingredients that help your body produce more of the natural chemicals that make us happy. Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. When your body produces these chemicals your mood is enhanced and your energy level increases. Many have experienced reduced cravings for food, and some have even felt relief from ADHD and depression. These products are in the form of a smart coffee called Elevate and a chocolate powder called Choclevate. Xanthomax is a supplement containing a powerful anti-oxidant, Xanthohumol. Xanthohumol is the only ingredient on earth that naturally gets your body to release its own Oxytocin, known as the “Hormone of Happiness”.

Then the compensation program is designed to remove some of the obstacles of earning significant income prevalent in direct selling. First, there are no rank or sales volume requirements to earn income from the distributors you introduce in the business. You literally could introduce just one person and simply earn income from the sales of that distributor. Next, there is no blocking from earning on your entire team of distributors. Therefore your incentive to help others succeed has no limits. Then they have added Advancement Benefits such as a Lifestyle Bonus, a Global Bonus Pool, a Health & Wellness Bonus, and stock options. Elepreneurs is a publicly traded company and Elepreneur distributors can earn stock to further incentive them to build the company internationally.

Finally, Mr. Oblon realizes that building average people into successful entrepreneurs requires training. That’s why he has named Gregg Amerman the Vice President of Training and Development. Gregg Amerman is one of the founders of Entrepreneurs International (EI). EI has a training curriculum and a team of trainers that conduct a series of training events all over the country to train people on the mind set and skill set required to sell, develop a team and lead that team. I am honored to be a part of that team.

The Elepreneurs Opportunity is one that should be looked into by anyone searching for an alternative or addition to what they are currently doing. My wife Shirley and I are happy to spend time with you and point you in the right direction to research this unique company.

Visit Elepreneurs  on our website. And/or look below for our contact information.

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