Meeting New People

Meeting New People

This is the second in a series of blog posts on the topic of Network Marketing Selling Skills. We discussed approaching your contacts or “warm market” in the first post. This post will be about Expanding Your Network by Meeting New People.

Meeting New People

In the Network Marketing industry it’s all about building a “network”, and “marketing” to keep building your network. If you have a small or no network to begin with, you have to start marketing asap.

One way to do that is by meeting new people. You can meet new people in all sorts of ways. You can meet people through social media, business networking groups, and many other specific ways. We’ll cover those in future posts. Today we’re going to focus on starting conversations with people you see randomly. And, getting the result you are looking for.

Starting conversations with complete strangers can be awkward and uncomfortable if you don’t know a good process for doing so. Even if you do have an effective process and game plan it still requires you to make the effort.

If you’re in network marketing you want to be constantly meeting new people. You ALWAYS have to be on the lookout for potential customers and distributors. If you’re not conscious of people around you, you can miss opportunities to meet great people. How about where you stop for coffee, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, offices? People are everywhere.

So, let’s say you notice someone because of their appearance, their personality or what you hear them talking about. You think to yourself, “this person needs to know about my company or products.” How do you start a conversation with them with the goal of getting their contact info so you can text or email them some information?

Meeting New People – Compliments, Questions, Catch Phrases (CQC)


The easiest way to start a conversation with a stranger is to compliment them. And, saying that you heard them talking about a topic and wanted to ask them about it, is in a way

a compliment.  So, find something about them you can compliment. Their clothing, their accessories (purse, watch, shoes, etc.). Their car, their smile…you get the point.

Here’s the thing. When you compliment someone they aren’t typically going to think you’re weird. People love compliments. And, they’ll react well…typically. For those that don’t, just know you’ll probably never see them again anyway!


Once they react to your compliment your goal is to seamlessly switch the conversation to being about them. You want to find out about them. Get it out of your mind that you’re going to start telling them about what you do. No! Not yet anyway.

So, ask them about them.

“Where did you get that bag (or those shoes)? Guys, because it may seem a bit strange for us to compliment a woman on her purse here’s how I make it comfortable. “That’s a really nice bag.” Wait for response like “thank you”. “Where did you get that because my wife would love it!” I just became the greatest husband in the world! And, there’s no possible way she thinks I’m interested in asking her out. Ladies, reverse the role. “That’s a great suit. Where did you shop because my husband needs a new suit?”

Now that you have started the conversation continue asking about them.

“Do you live/work in the area?”
“What is it that you do for work?”

As the conversation progresses…

“Do you like (doing whatever they do for work)?”
“How long have you been doing that?”

Keep in mind you don’t have a lot of time here. This is about a 60 second conversation. So you want to progress into a catch phrase that you know like the back of your hand because you’ve practiced it.

Catch Phrase

“You know you seem like a really great lady/man. Let me ask you, have you ever thought of owning your own business, perhaps being an entrepreneur?”

They’ll respond yes or no. You may/may not depending on time, want to ask why not, or why they haven’t started a business. But either way eventually get to something like this, “I work with a company that trains people how to become entrepreneurs and own their own business. Many people start part-time. I’d like to send you some information about it and just have you take a look. Do you have a card?”

An Alternative – “I work with a company that trains people on owning their own business. There’s someone I work with that you really should talk to. Let me just start with sending you some information on the company and we can go from there. Do you have a card?” (This way you’re putting it off on someone else and taking the pressure off of you. Some people feel more comfortable with this approach).

“Excellent. It may take me a day or so to email/text you the info but I’ll definitely do it. Do you mind if I follow up with you in a few days?”

“Awesome. Great to meet you.”

This entire conversation should take no longer than 60-90 seconds.

Remember 3 things-
1) You’re in a hurry because you’re always busy.
2) This is not an opportunity for you to get into the specifics of your products/services or business opportunity.
3) You may not use the same words I do. Change the words. The important thing here is the Compliments, Questions, Catch Phrase format.

I’ve used this method successfully so many times I couldn’t count. One scenario was at a retail store with my wife, Shirley. The woman helping her try on clothes had a great personality. When I went through this with her….she cried because she was literally praying for another opportunity besides working in a retail store.

You have to realize that you could literally change a life. Meeting new people isn’t just something you “should” do for your business. It’s an obligation to our society!

Now get out there and start meeting new people!

Dale Guiducci is one half of Tenacity and Heart. Along with his wife Shirley, they have become top producers in the network marketing industry. Through their blog posts, podcasts and website their mission is to help anyone with a desire to be a successful network marketer and entrepreneur. Visit

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