Network Marketing Selling Skills

Network Marketing Selling Skills

This is the first in a series of blog posts on the topic of Network Marketing Selling Skills

How to Approach People

People that have sales experience can struggle just as much as people that don’t when entering the world of network marketing.  The reason being that in a typical sales position the prospect knows what you’re selling before you ever present it to them. In most cases that’s not true when approaching people as a network marketing professional. To have success in this industry you have to develop specific network marketing selling skills.

Show Your Passion and Excitement – Just Be Careful

If someone doesn’t see a change in your attitude or excitement level, if you are the same unexcited person that you have always been, that’s not going to attract them. You have to be excited, but not shove your excitement in people faces.The perfect space to be in mentally is that people can tell something is different about you and they’ll even ask you what it is.


It’s a Numbers Game

It doesn’t matter what you sell or how great you think your business opportunity is. You have to realize that you need to talk to a lot of people. What’s a lot? At least two people a day. If you aren’t talking to at least two people a day it means you are facing some fears and subconsciously making excuses as to why you can’t do it. Time is NOT an excuse. There are people everywhere. Talk to them!

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Warm Market, Meeting New People, Networking

There are 3 general groups of people that you’ll approach when building your business. To understand how to approach each you always ask yourself two questions:

1) What’s the situation?

2) What am I trying to accomplish?

Network Marketing Selling Skills

Approaching Warm Market – In this post we’ll discuss Approaching Warm Market and cover the other areas in subsequent posts.

When reaching out to people that you know your mindset should be that you aren’t trying to sell or recruit them. All you’re trying to do is share with them what you are now doing. Think of it like you just opened up a new brick and mortar business on Main Street. You wouldn’t try to sell or recruit anyone. You’d just be excited about your new business and want them to know where your store is and invite them to come in. It’s the same thing here. If you go into it with a sales or recruiting mentality you’re going to likely be disappointed with the reaction of many of your friends. People don’t want to be sold to. But typically they love learning about new things.

Also keep in mind that timing is the most critical factor. If someone is overwhelmed with life and they are presented with an opportunity to start a new business they may reject it. Not because it’s a bad business or they don’t respect you, but because it’s not a good time for them to start something new. They may come back when the timing is better for them and/or when they you see you enjoying success.

If You’re Selling a Product

The best approach may be to get them to try it. You may or may not be able to give out samples depending on the product and how it’s packaged. Either way you should ask questions of someone to see if they use the kind of products you’re selling. Then suggest they purchase from you next time or give them a sample. Their level of interest can help you determine if you should also show them the business opportunity. Not everyone is a good business opportunity prospect. If they become a customer and like you’re product you can always show them the business down the road. Or, maybe they like your product so much they refer others to you that could become customers or business partners. Even if they don’t use the type of product you’re selling you should ALWAYS ask them to keep you in mind and refer others to you.

If You’re Selling a Service

When selling a service you typically can’t have people sample it. Everything else described above applies.

Resist Going Into “Selling” Mode

The biggest key is not to getting into selling mode right away. You should begin with a typically conversation and then ask questions. “Hey Mindy, let me ask you a question. Do you (drink coffee, use skin care, trade in the market, eat a special diet, etc.)? You fill in the blank. Get them talking about them. Even if they say they don’t use your type of product or service ask them, “have you ever thought about (fill in the blank)? The reason I’m asking is that I just started a new company that focuses on (fill in the blank). I’d love to give you a sample and have you tell me what you think”. Or, “I’d love for you to give it a try and see if it makes a difference for you”.

“Products Tell, Stories Sell”.

Telling stories at this point is key because stories will sell your product. If you have some great testimonials it’s best to use them versus selling someone on the ingredients and why they should be using your products. Keep in mind that information about your product isn’t as compelling as what the product has done for people. And people don’t like being told what they should do. Instead collect stories. Make note of every story about your product told company wide. These are now your stories to tell.

You’re Sorting People

Some will not be interested in trying or buying your product. It’s OK. Ask them to keep you in mind when speaking to others that do.

Some will try your product. If they do, follow up on their experience with it. Your involvement with them at this point will perhaps determine whether they buy it again.

A small percentage will immediately be interested in the business opportunity. In most cases let them express their interest to you. If they love the concept or end up loving the product they will give you signs if not flat out tell you they’re interested in the business. If you sense they are interested but they haven’t asked, simply ask them. “Have you ever thought of starting a business, you know being an entrepreneur?”

Review of Network Marketing Selling Skills – Approaching Warm Market

Talk to at least two people a day. More if you’re full time.

Don’t try to sell or recruit people. Just expose them to what you’re doing. See what the reaction is. You’re sorting people into possible referral sources, customers or business partners.

Ask questions about their use of your type of product. Do they use it? Have they ever thought of using that type of product?

Tell stories about the results people have gotten on your product.

People will either be not interested in trying the product (that’s OK, ask for referrals), interested in trying your product, or show signs of being interested in the business.

In the next post we’ll discuss the approach when meeting new people at networking meetings, gatherings, in a store, restaurant, etc.

Dale Guiducci is one half of Tenacity and Heart with his wife and business partner, Shirley Guiducci. Together they have learned the mindset and skill set to be successful as an entrepreneur and network marketer. They are top producers and award winners in their company. And, Dale is a certified trainer with Entrepreneurs International, a company that trains successful entrepreneurs and teaches network marketing selling skills..

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