Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success

In the first network marketing company I joined I did not have any level of success. In the second company I did much better. In the third company I, along with my wife, became top producers and award winners. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to try more than once to have network marketing success. That’s my story. You’ll have your own story.

There are many factors that play a role in your network marketing success. But I want to discuss two here. The first key to success is you. To put it simply…are you ready for success? You might answer immediately “YES”! But what I’m asking is, are you prepared with the right skills and mindset to attain success? The problem with discovering if you have the right skills and mindset for network marketing success is that often you won’t know until you get into network marketing.

Why is that? Because the skills and mindset required for network marketing success are in many ways quite different than the skills we learned in school. They’re also different than what we learn as employees. The mindset especially cannot be obtained unless we have had specific training through mentorship, seminars, books, and the like.

You can visit our website at to learn about a curriculum that we immersed ourselves in and that resulted in our own network marketing success. It’s the reason why we struggled mightily in the first company, did better in the second, and had life changing results in the third.

The second factor in network marketing success is right in the name of the industry, “Network” and “Marketing”. What are your networking skills and what does your network look like? Take a look at your existing network of people. The higher the quality of people (this usually consists of their mentality as it relates to success) you have in your network the more chance they’ll be receptive to you. Conversely, if your network mainly consists of people with a paycheck to paycheck mentality or worse, a “broke” mentality, you’ll have to create a new network of people.

As you go through the process of contacting your existing network, you probably want to choose not to contact negative people. Sort them out. Because even though it’s possible they’ll take a shot at working with you, they’ll be a struggle to get them to do their own marketing. They’ll drain you with questions, and their own self doubt.
Focus on happy, upbeat people that you know. They’ll be the easiest and most open people to talk to. Even if they don’t join you in your business they might become customers. Or, at least supportive of what you’re doing and potentially provide you with referrals.

Beyond your personal network of people you must do more. To have network marketing success you have to market to the general public. There are far too many people in the U.S. and the world that are open to what you do, not to. There are two general ways of marketing, online and offline.

If you are skilled in using online technology to reach the masses you most definitely want to use it. But here’s a big caution for you. If you are not skilled in the online world, trying to learn it can be a never ending black hole. It has taken me years to know what I know about online marketing and still have more to learn. So, be careful you don’t head down a path that will ultimately lead you to failure.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do online send us an email or give us a call. Our contact info can be found at our website at

Even though I’ve been successful online, my wife and I still do offline marketing as well. Both can be effective and while you’re building your business they are both necessary for network marketing success.

You have got to put yourself in situations where you can talk to a lot of people. Cold calling on the phone is the worst if you are not skilled at it and don’t like it. So, meeting people in person is the way to go. Go to street fairs, public events, networking meetings on any topic. Anywhere there are friendly people open to talking.

But either way you go know the secret to marketing is not to shove your product or business in someone’s face. The secret is to build rapport. Whether you meet someone online or offline the goal is to get them to like you first. In some, if not most cases don’t even talk about your business. The best thing to do to get them to be open to you is to talk about them and their business. People love to talk about themselves. Then get their business card and follow up with a phone call or cup of coffee. You can then adjust your subsequent conversation to have them try your product or take a look at your business once you know more about them and they like you.

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