Training for Entrepreneurs

Training for Entrepreneurs

Do What Professionals Do, Practice!

As a trainer for Entrepreneurs International, I was in Atlanta, GA conducting a 2 day training for entrepreneurs we call Secrets of Success this past weekend. Normally we have attendees with various levels of experience from brand new to veteran. Our curriculum is designed to address both at the same time. However this weekend I have a group of all veterans.

When I say they’re veterans I mean they had at least one year of entrepreneurial experience (if not many more). And, they had attended our various trainings from basic to advanced many times. This gave me some wiggle room in doing things a little differently than normal. I decided to test them in certain ways to determine what they had gotten out of our previous trainings.

Because of the different levels of experience of people we teach, the basic training is limited in its interaction from the students, although there is some. This time though, I got them to interact a lot. Partly, I wanted to know how much they knew. But the other reason was to get them out of their comfort zone and stretch them.

Training for Entrepreneurs

A big part of our training for entrepreneurs is in communication. Communication, all aspects of it, is an important skill for people that are bringing their business to the public. If you can’t communicate well, your success will be limited. A key element to communication is knowing the four main personality types, being able to identify personalities quickly, and adjusting your message for that personality. I have been well trained in that area and easily recognized I had a very analytical group on my hands.

People with a predominant analytical personality have a difficult time showing emotion. This carries over to “how” they communicate which is a detriment when trying to persuade, sell or even get someone to look at something from a different perspective. The common belief is that facts persuade people. And, that may be true. But, it’s emotion that gets people to take action. This group needed help in this area.

Also, to communicate well we have to realize that our words are a small part of the overall impact our communication has on people. It’s our body language, facial expressions and tonality that have a far bigger value in our ability to influence. We actually have an advanced training for entrepreneurs and everyone really, called Communication Transformation that literally changes people in a weekend.

So, I first had to assess what words they used in certain situations with people before I could start working on body language and tonality. Here was the problem. When I had them role play any situation of their choice, it was evident they didn’t know what to say! Remember, these are veterans!! We had to take so much time getting them to realize this we never really got to working on the most valuable parts, body language and tonality.

Here’s the big message of this post. It doesn’t matter what and how many books we read. It doesn’t matter how many videos we watch. Nor how many seminars we go to. Or, even who we follow or choose to get trained by. If we do not spend an ample amount of time practicing what we learn we have wasted the majority of the investment of time and money into learning.

It’s not hard to realize that in order to be very good at anything, it requires practice. Athletes, actors, musicians, artists, medical professionals, attorneys and all who reach a high level in their chosen profession spend far more time practicing than performing what they practice.

Don’t invest in knowledge if you’re not going to study, practice and execute that knowledge.

Dale Guiducci is one half of Tenacity & Heart along with his with, Shirley Guiducci. After years of struggle they broke through and became successful home-based entrepreneurs. In this blog, in social media and on podcasts they share their journey and the key component that made all the difference. Dale is also a entrepreneur trainer with Entrepreneurs International. To find out more, visit

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