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Becoming successful as an entrepreneur has as much to do with the personal growth and entrepreneur training someone has received as it does with the specific opportunity they choose as a vehicle.

By definition, most home-based or other business opportunities require selling products or services, and leading and developing other people. Therefore both a well-honed set of skills and well developed leadership abilities are necessary for success as an entrepreneur.

The key to our success after years of simply working hard at it, was to be trained by others who had already developed the skill set and mindset for success. Gregg Amerman, Frenita Amerman and Joe Locke of Entrepreneurs International have developed a training platform designed specifically for that purpose. With 75 years of combined experience in the direct selling industry and countless awards and accolades they have trained tens of thousands across the country.

They have also developed a talented and dedicated training team that brings this curriculum across the United States. These committed trainers want to insure that anybody that truly wants success has the opportunity to develop the skills and mindset to achieve their goals and dreams.

The Entrepreneurs International Training Team

Back row L to R- Joe Locke, Jill Halbreich, Orlando McKenzie, Warren Bauerfeld, Mike Miller, Dale Guiducci, Darrel Gentry
Front row L to R- Gregg Amerman, Les Brown, Frenita Amerman


Secrets of Success

The Secrets of Success training program is the key starting point for new and veteran Entrepreneurs who are looking for a tremendous amount of success. Secrets of Success trainings are the backbone to our overall training curriculum. These two-day intense seminars led by Gregg Amerman, Joe Locke and our team of dynamic and powerful professional trainers, provides you with the mindset, skill-set, knowledge, system, action plan, tools, awareness, motivation and confidence to build a successful business, as well as a superior quality of life!Read More »

Communication Transformation

This exclusive training is designed to help us master the most critical aspect of success…COMMUNICATION! Everything revolves around communication and everything communicates. In order to become a master communicator, we must first be able to communicate with ourselves and, therefore, learn to understand who we really are, how we think, why we make the decisions we do and what causes us to take or not take the actions we do. We are what we are perceived to be. Therefore, we must learn to communicate effectively by understanding our own personality and then the personalities of everyone else. When we can master this incredible skill, we can then be sure that the perception we have is one that we created for ourselves and our ability to influence others in a positive way.Read More »

Millionaire Mentality Boot Camp

In Think and Grow Rich, the best selling book of all time on the subject of success, author Napoleon Hill entitled the first chapter “The Power of Thought”. Even the title of the book is descriptive of the process to success, “think” and “grow” which leads to “rich”. When we speak of getting rich we tend to think of money. That’s important. But this program helps you become “rich” in all areas of your life. Relationships, spiritually, emotionally and financially.Read More »

Stage Presence Speakers Boot Camp

Do you want to speak, teach, lead, train and motivate from the stage? Do you want to be a captivating speaker and presenter with small or large audiences and even in one-on-one situations? Do you want to learn how to conduct trainings, seminars and workshops? Or, do you just want to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a better public communicator and presenter?

Whether you’re just getting started in a career as a speaker or are a seasoned veteran, or whether you just want to be a more confident speaker and presenter to enhance your career, business and life, this four-day program will give you the mindset, skill and experience you’ll need to have the advantage you’ve been looking for.

This program has a limited number of students so you will get the experience and hands on training you need. You will be coached and trained by one of the best speakers and communicators in America today, Gregg Amerman.

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Les Brown & Gregg Amerman Discuss Communication Transformation

Let’s face it. We’ve all heard people say things like, “Those things don’t work”. Or, “Only people at the top make the money. Everyone else makes nothing”.

And, it’s true that most people that get into a network marketing business struggle and don’t make much money. But it’s also true that many people earn huge sums of money, gain success on so many levels, and create a legacy for themselves and their family.

What if someone knew ahead of time why some people are incredibly successful and others or not? And, what if someone could take the steps that the successful people took and get the same result? As well as avoid many of  the mistakes.

Why People Don't Succeed in Network Marketing and the Solution to the Problem

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